Snow Day

Here are some activities that children can do at home during their snow day:

  • Try this activity using the snow that fell yesterday. Find 3 or 4 similar sized pots, plastic containers. You need to think of different places, inside or out or a mixture of both where you could place each container. The idea is to see how long you can stop the snow from melting. Make your predictions…….which do you think will melt first/ last. Could you do anything else to stop the snow melting? Check on your pots at regular intervals, what do you notice?

  • Write about your snow day - What have you got up to? Did you enjoy it? How has your day been different?

  • Build a snowman or make a snow angel and take a picture for your teacher to see.

  • Draw a picture of what you can see from your window or create your own snow art outside.

  • Do something to help someone out around the home.

  • Read a book for 30 minutes

  • Times Table Rocks Stars