Welcome to Burwash Primary School PTFA

Who we are and what we do?

The Burwash Primary School Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) is a charity that aims to raise funds to finance equipment and activities that enhance the experience of the children attending school in our village. The charity has an average annual income of approximately £7000, and we work closely with school staff to ensure that this is spent in the most effective and useful way. The current pressures on school funding are well documented and as such the role of the PTFA is as important as ever in helping facilitate a broad and interesting learning experience for pupils. The charity has a small committee for governance purposes, but we consider that all parents of children attending the school are part of our team! There’s nothing to join or sign up to, we’re all in it together!

How do we raise funds?

We undertake a range of fundraising activities throughout the school year. Our Summer Fete and Christmas Fair account for a large proportion of our income, along with an internal lottery game, film nights for pupils and periodic after-school sales. We try and vary the other events that take place each year to keep things interesting for both the children and parents. New fundraising ideas are always very welcome, especially when they are accompanied by offers of practical help and support!

What do we spend the money on?

The PTFA have funded a number of projects including..

 How can I help?

As a parent or relative of a child at the school you can get involved with the PTFA in any of the following ways.

-              Offer to help prepare for or run an event! Don’t panic though.. helping once doesn’t commit you for life!

-              Donate! Money, time, expertise.. we know that everyone can contribute in different ways.. just do what you can, when you  can.

-              Be creative! If you can think of a great way of raising money then we want to hear about it.. even better if you can get stuck in and make it happen!

How do we communicate?

Important communications from the PTFA are sent out via Parentmail as per other school information. We also have a Facebook group that exists for the sharing of information (search Burwash Primary Parents and PTFA Group). Occasionally we will write updates on the green board in the playground too. We produce a newsletter at the end of each term summarising what we have raised and what we are spending on.