Burwash Bundle

Building Cultural Capital For All

These experiences will be offered to all the children at Burwash School during their time with us.

Build a den

Make a mud creation

Learn about trees

Watch birds

Learn about Sussex apples

Play Pooh sticks

Light a fire

Whittle something out of wood

Plant something and watch it grow

Go to London

Understand about the Norman conquest

Learn about Rudyard Kipling

Walk to Batemans

Explore a rock pool

Paddle in the sea

Go badger watching

Make your own breakfast and lunch

Stay away from home

Go sailing

Learn to windsurf

Learn to Paddleboard

Learn to Kayak

Keep your room tidy on a residential trip

Run a mile

Dance on a theatre stage

Sing in church

Speak in front of a range of audiences

Act in a play

Choreograph your own dance

Learn to ride a bike

Learn the basics of life saving first aid

Learn to Maypole dance

Go on a local welly walk

Take part in cross country running

Sing carols to the local community

Correspond with a Spanish penpal

Find out about life in Malawi through our link school

Learn to play an instrument

Make a time capsule

Visit a synagogue

Visit a Sikh temple

Visit a church

Go to a museum

Take part in a poetry competition