Bird and Bee Box

The Bird and Bee Box

For the last two years Burwash CEP School has subscribed to a Bird and Bee box project that is managed by the South East Education Group as part of the See Nature programme.

The Bird Box project is an exciting opportunity for the pupils and teachers to actively support the RSPB “Giving Nature a Home” programme and learn about the many birds that visit our school grounds in the spring and early summer. The school has its own bird box with webcam allowing children to see exactly what happens if birds choose to nest in the box.

As part of the bee box project the school also has a webcam bee house, and from the end of March to the start of July, the children are able to watch the incredible sight of the Red Mason bees pollinating plants, and the females working and laying their eggs in the bee house. The larvae will hatch, feed on pollen left by the females and create their cocoons, ready to begin their new lives the following spring. All captured live in the webcam bee box.

The children are able to view the bird and bee box at home as well as at school with the following log in allowing the whole family to view any activity.

The two boxes can be viewed from the links on the right.

The login required for pupils is:

Username: burwash2

Password: swan128

Once you are logged in on the website have a look at the “live streams” and you should find Burwash listed. There are two boxes, one is the bird box and one is the bee box.

Happy viewing!