Special Educational Needs

New ISEND Education Psychology Helpline for Parents and Carers of children with SEND

From May 18th, the ISEND Education Psychology service is offering a new parents and carers helpline. The helpline will be available to parents and carers of children with SEND to talk with Education Psychologists (EPs) about various areas of concern, including setting routines, positive behaviour, wellbeing and more.


Parents and carers of children with SEND will need to leave their name and telephone number as well as a very brief description of the kind of support they're looking for and need. Please note that the service is not to be used for complaints or enquiries about EHCP processes


The ISEND phone number to contact is: 01273 481967. 
An Education Psychologist will call the parent/carer back between 2pm and 4pm on the next Monday, Wednesday or Friday that is available.

ISEND and ESPCF Coronavirus Support
Please follow this link to access the ISEND and ESPCF Coronavirus Support Flyer.

Message from ESCC Children's Services

Information for SENCOs re CLASS+ support for families

During this period of uncertainty the ISEND CLASS+ team continue to support families of children and young people with Autism. The team are engaging with families by providing information, resources and advice for parents/carers.  For families that may be finding this time difficult, please let them know that they can contact CLASS+ by calling the CLASS number on 01273 336887. Contact information will be taken and passed to the CLASS+ team who will then get in touch with the parent/carer.  In addition, the weekly advice line continues to run every Monday 10am- 1pm on the above number, when parents/carers can talk directly to a CLASS+ practitioner. A range of resources and information is also being shared on the CLASS+ Facebook page to further support parents/carers. This can be found here:

Important reminder for all schools: Do not give away personal information

We have been informed by a school that when using live tutoring sessions on Facebook or other platforms, that if using live chat, that other members of the public may be able to see the names of families and children as well as their school and town.  Please do encourage your children and families to be aware of what information is being shared online.  

SEN Parent Booklet