Home Learning During School Closure (Coronavirus)


During the period of school closure, we have decided to set work on a weekly - rather than daily  - basis.  This is to allow families the flexibility to find the right time to work on the activities. Ideally the children should complete work daily rather than concentrate the work into a short period of time.

We ask all children to complete core work as a priority and then the advised tasks on each individual class homework page. 

The weekly class work will appear by 10:00 every Monday during the closure period.

Links for online reading resources, physical and mindfulness activities are to be found on the right side-bar of this page.

Core Learning

During the closure it is important to prioritise reading for all children and reading and phonics for younger children.  This should be a minimum of thirty minutes a day in total.

Each child has been allowed to take four reading books out from the school library - two fiction and two non-fiction.  We have decided to collect in any reading scheme books as it will not be possible to change the books during the closure.

Please find links in the right sidebar to online reading resources recommended by Burwash School teachers. 

Every day each child should take part in an exercise activity for thirty minutes to support their mental and physical health.  It is difficult for each class teacher to recommend activities specific for each class as each child's circumstances and environment will be unique.  We have, however, found online resources that have plenty of ideas that you can use or adapt.  As being indoors for a length of time can be stressful for children, we have sent home some information with yoga and mindfulness activities that you may find useful to look at with your children.

Class Activities

Each class will be set advisory work on a weekly basis.  This will be a mixture of online and paper based activities.  Project, homework and sketch/art books have been sent home for this.  Children have all been given their username and password for "Purple Mash".  "Google" and "Timestable Rock Stars" account details have also been given if appropriate to your child's age.

Hopefully the children will enjoy the activities given and will be able to use their time at home in a productive and positive manner.

Home Learning Resources